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Markin Kalpataru: The One and Only

Welcome to Markin KalpataruMarkin Kalpataru: The One and Only

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About Us
Who are we ?

Markin Kalpataru is a not-for-profit endevour and a wing of Monavi Systems, Inc.

We have been providing Music on demand and live streaming since 1997.

Back in fall 1997, Mr. Abhi Barthakur of Piscataway, New Jersey was exchanging email with fellow assamese internet users on a mailing list at Once in a while he used to send assamese songs as an audio attachment for group members to listen. Usually these attachment files was large for many mail server to handle. The last large song, that Abhi sent was a Nagra Naam about 30 min long ( Naam.wav) which triggered uproar among the mailing list members - because it was clogging up their email boxes. This happend on November 2nd, 1997.

Abhi realized that, this act of sharing music file over email simply would NOT work !! So, he got in to work to create the first one page website ( to share assamese music on the world wide web. Thus, on November 9th, 1997 Markin Kalpataru was born.

Abhi's wife, Alpana was reading out professional introduction and hosting the program - each weekend with 5 - 6 assamese songs, which abhi was encoding in real audio format from audio cassette, records, cds etc. Every week after week the webpage was updated with new songs and email was sent out to the mailing list asking users to visit Markin Kalpataru. Here are some of those email headers 1, 2, 3 - that still can be found on alt.culture.assam ( which was created by Abhi Barthakur on Feb 25th, 1997 by sending control messages.)

Markin Kalpataru's server expenses are being shared by its listeners, and we are not selling any pop-up or google ads through our site.

Monavi Systems is responsible for day to day house keeping of Markin Kalpataru's servers and also involved in various website development supporting local service sectors businesses, technical education, consulting, and sales of hardware in central Jersey area.

Our address is :

Markin Kalpataru
198 Route 206 South, Ste 2A
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Map & Direction :
Click Here Office hours: M-F 9 AM 4 PM

Phone: (908) 9 MARKIN | or †† (908)-962-7546
Fax: : 1-888-666-2841
Toll Free: 1-888-MONAVI-1 option 3
Yahoo IM : call888monavi1

We are registered with Hillsborough Township's Economic and Business Development Commission (EBDC).

Copyright © by Markin Kalpataru All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2006-04-06 (8668 reads)

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